ZLab Intro

The Zhang Computational Social Science Research Lab uses computational, statistical, and network methods to analyze social and human behavior, including segregation and polarization in the United States.

One project focuses on partisanship and polarization in Corporate America using administrative, social media, and earnings call big data.

The second project uses population mobility data from Facebook, SafeGraph, and Cuebiq with voter and consumer records to track multiplex segregation in the U.S.

The third project focuses on polarization on social media by monitoring and detecting anti-AAPI hate speech and incident using billions of Tweets.

ZLab Hiring

Zlab is hiring grad or undergrad research assistants focusing on computational social science. You can click here to join us.


If you are requesting a letter of recommendation, you have to work in my lab first and have to discuss with me at least 6 months before your application.