Political Sociology

Undergrad course, University of Arizona, School of Sociology, 2018

I am teaching SOC POL 315 PRE-SESSION Political Sociology this Summer semester.

The goal of this course is to introduce students the core concepts (i.e., the state, voting and representations) and contributions of political sociology. We will cover a number of topics including: who votes and why, who controls (has power over) the state and its policy, how political systems operate, how political change occurs (or doesn’t occur), how social movements challenge the state, and what are the foundations of democracy and other political systems. In addition to these broad topics at the societal level, we also draw attention to how politics influence our daily lives (e.g., social inequality and health disparity).

Time:May 14, 2018-Jun 2, 2018

You can download the preliminary syllabus by clicking here.