Replication Data for Journal Articles

AJS: Diversity and Disparities;School Segregation after Brown (Fiel and Zhang 2019)

IJCS: Varieties of Democracy;Global Terrorism Database (Davis and Zhang 2019)

Poetics: Inspire Magazine; Dabiq Magazine (Kinney, Davis, and Zhang 2018)

Demography: National Center for Education Statistics (Fiel and Zhang 2017)

JMF: Chinese Family Panel Studies (Zhang 2017)

School Segregation and Desegregation Databases

Interactive Map: Mapping U.S. School Resegregation (Fiel and Zhang 2019).

Wikipedia links for SP1500 Firms(Pls cite Zhang 2021 article when you use this list)

Political Liberalism Index Data

Political Liberalism Index for each zip code (5-digits) based on FEC individual contributions files. This is a measure capturing the extent to which the local community is more democrat-leaning in prior 3 election cycles. For the details of constructing the measure please check Gupta and Briscoe (2019) ASQ paper. (Pls cite Zhang 2021 article when you use the index)

SP1500 Elite Ideology Data, 2000-2018 (Liberalism Index for CEO, Board, Employee, and TMT). Available upon request.

Corporate Elite Ideology Data, 1980-2014 (Merge BoardEx with DIME data). Available upon request.