Interactive Map

Mapping U.S. School Resegregation (Fiel and Zhang 2019).

Data for NSF Funded Project–Social Movement Impact on Policy Outcomes

Social Scientists before Congress Codebook

Longitudinal Corporate Elite and Employee Contributor Database (LCEECD)**

This big dataset contains all itemized donations made by SP1500 corporate CEOs, top management teams, boards of directors, and senior managers as well as employees in federal elections from 2000-2018.

LCEECD allows scholars to contruct a two-mode network between donors and recipients. Scholars can also transform this two-mode network to donor- or recipient-centric networks.

Longitudinal Corporate Media Coverage Database (LCMCD)**

This dataset is contructed by using keywords to query ProQuest and Nexis Uni databases for news articles mentioning political behavior and protest from 2000-2018.

Longitudinal Corporate Political Contributions and Lobbying Database (LCPCLD)**

This big dataset is contructed from FEC and the U.S. Senate Lobbying Disclosure Act Database for all SP1500 firms from 2000-2018.

LCPCLD includes variables like total observed political expenditure, pac donation, lobbying expenditure, number of lobbyists, etc.

Replication Data for Journal Articles

AJS: Diversity and Disparities;School Segregation after Brown (Fiel and Zhang 2019)

IJCS: Varieties of Democracy;Global Terrorism Database (Davis and Zhang 2019)

Poetics: Inspire Magazine; Dabiq Magazine (Kinney, Davis, and Zhang 2018)

Demography: National Center for Education Statistics (Fiel and Zhang 2017)

JMF: Chinese Family Panel Studies (Zhang 2017)

Data for S&P1500 Firms

Congressional hearings for SP1500 Firms**

Political Spending and Lobbying for SP1500 Firms**

Political Spending and Lobbying for SP1500 Firms CEO/Chairman/President**

Federal contracts for SP1500 Firms**

EEOC lawsuits for SP1500 Firms**

National media CPA coverage for SP1500 Firms**

** Available upon request

Replication Codes

Webscraper for ProQuest Newsstand Database (Just for the frequency)

Webscraper for ProQuest Congressional Database (Just for the frequency)

Webscraper for Nexis Uni Database (Just for the frequency)

Webscraper for SEC Edgar Database