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School Segregation

Published in Demography, 2017

This study uses the first age-period-cohort (APC) analysis of segregation to examine changes in public school segregation from 1999-2000 to 2013-2014.

Recommended citation: Jeremy Fiel and Yongjun Zhang. 2017. "Three Dimensions of Change in School Segregation: A Grade-Period-Cohort Analysis." Demography 55(1), 33-58.

Theming for Terror

Published in Poetics, 2018

This paper utilizes a variety of computational topic modeling techniques built from Latent Dirichlet Analysis (LDA) to analyze a corpus of propaganda aimed at Western audiences.

Recommended citation: Alexander B. Kinney, Andrew P. Davis, Yongjun Zhang. 2018. "Theming for terror: Organizational adornment in terrorist propaganda." Poetics.


PAA Paper Talk: Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Disruption


This talk introduces a paper that uses the propensity score matching (PSM) method to analyze the cohabitation effect in urban China: the relationship between premarital cohabitation and marital disruption. Using data on urban individuals married during 1978-1999 and 2000-2010 from Chinese Family Panel Studies in 2010, this article matches married ones with cohabitation histories prior to first marriage—whether cohabited with the spouse or not, and applies Cox Proportional Hazards Models to explore how premarital cohabitation affects an individual’s subsequent divorce hazards of first marriage.

ASA Roundtable:Terrorism and Civil Society


This talk, with Andrew Davis, introduces a paper entitled “Terrorism and Civil Society: Organizational Opportunity and Repression in Cross-National Perspective, 1970-2006.”


Political Sociology

Undergrad course, University of Arizona, School of Sociology, 2018

I am teaching SOC POL 315 PRE-SESSION Political Sociology this Summer semester.

Courses Currently in Progress

Undergrad or graduate course, University of Arizona, School of Sociology, 2019

Currently, I am developing one undergrad and one graduate level courses.